Ultra Pack UVC Ultra Glass UVGL
Direct container or flatbed label printing - UltraPack UVC convinces through fast curing, good water and filling resistance, as well as its universal suitability for a wide range of substrates. The UV-curable, 2-component UltraGlass UVGL requires no additional post baking while guaranteeing highest resistances. This reduces energy and investment costs and provides efficient production through high production speeds.
Mara® Prop PP Mara® Star SR
MaraProp PP is particularly suited for printing onto untreated and pre-treated polypropylene such as materials for tarpaulins, labels, and foamed sheets. MaraStar SR is the optimal ink for highest demands on gloss, resistance to outdoor use and chemical resistance, for example to petrol and cleaning agents on plastics. For long-term outdoor use, the colour range is completed by 8 additional shades with best fade resistance.
Mara® Chrome MC Mara® Flex FX
MaraChrome MC are press-ready bronzes which - printed onto the reverse side of a transparent substrate - achieve high-quality mirror, chrome, and metallic effects. MaraFlex FX is Marabu's solution for single- and multilayered identity cards. It is very flexible and has an excellent laminating ability (except FX 170 Opaque White).
MaraFlex FX is suited for the decoration of magnetic strips and is used as an alternative to overlay films for certain types of cards.
Mara® Switch MSW    
MaraSwitch MSW is excellently suited for the printing of front foils and membrane switches, high-quality flat key pads, as well as further operational control panels.