CMA-1080K Laser Engraving Machine YAG-75DP Laser Marking Machine
The Laser Cutter is equipped with precise rotary device and auto lifting platform, CMA-1080K laser engraving machine is suitable for engraving and cutting, both regular and irregular round or planer objects, such as cup, box, cylinder with different thicknesses Semi-conductor pump YAG series laser marking machine employs imported semi-conductor module, high-speed optical scanner, Q switch and YAG rod, providing speedy scanning and high precision. Independent self-control, cool-water circulating system ensures stable performance and meets requirements on long-time running. Precision etching and marking on metals and non-metal materials can be realized, marking software with user-friendly interface simplifies operation. This product has been widely used in such industries as electronics, wrist watches and clocks, eye glasses, automobile parts, hardware tools, plastic keys, medical apparatuses and communication products.